PioData is a unique media line, developed specifically for the duplication market to work in conjunction with duplication hardware, especially the line of PioData Optical Disc Drives (ODD). With a unique set of needs, not necessary with standard retail media, PioData media offers a higher tolerance of writing strategies between different ODD's, better burning performance, stability, and longevity compared to alternative recordable medias.

PioData was established to meet a growing and frequently underserved marketplace, the professional and discriminating duplication market. Over the years, many recordable media manufacturers have focused more on reducing costs, which has come at the expense of quality. Instead, PioData focused on improving the quality of the recordable media while still maintaining affordability for the ultimate users. Additionally, PioData maintains a consistency in quality and performance across every batch of media produced to ensure that the burning strategy and reliability will be the same across all discs, regardless of whether they were purchased in the same lot or from different lots weeks, months, or even years apart.

PioData provides the highest quality recordable optical media with the best value for the consumer. To meet the growing demands of the rapidly expanding blank media market, PioData provides a variety of recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs from which to choose.

Vinpower Digital incorporated its own technology into the PioData media, in terms of how to produce recordable media with greater compatibility, consistency, and reliability with the vast number of recordable writer drives and players. Instead of overhauling the method in which recordable discs are created, Vinpower helped devise how the media should be focused to ensure the highest compatibility and reliability when used in either high volume large production or simple sporadic single disc recording. These advances were created through Vinpower’s extensive technological experience in the field of duplication hardware and their cooperation with recordable drive manufacturers.

Blu-ray is rapidly expanding in popularity and usage globally. This is why Vinpower, a long-standing member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), ensures that the recordable Blu-ray media supplied under the PioData brand adheres to the strict standards set forth by the BDA. That is why PioData BD-R media has one of the most comprehensive compatibility charts amongst Blu-ray writer drives and readers.

Additionally, PioData developed their own printable disc surfaces for use within the broadest range of inkjet and thermal disc printers. PioData innovations in the field of printable media include an exclusive line of water-resistant media at an affordable price for the common user, as well as a glossy inkjet printable media line, and many others.

With its headquarters in the USA and production office in Taiwan, PioData is poised to stay on top of the latest innovations and industry updates. We believe in offering top quality blank media that best meets the costumer’s needs at a price everyone can afford.