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About PioData

PIODATA was formed more than a decade ago deriving its name from the term, PIONEER, meaning innovator, and DATA, in reference to Digital DATA storage. PIODATA’s mission is to develop, improve, and expand the market for physical digital data storage solutions. PIODATA initially focused on optical discs by offering a higher caliber of recordable CD’s, DVDs, and Blu-ray media and drives. Naturally branching out into flash and SSD storage solutions. From there PIODATA evolved into mobile computing device storage with an emphasis on mobile smartphones and tablets, (including Apple iOS and Android devices), as well as computers (including Windows, Mac, Chromebook). That’s why PIODATA developed the iXflash and iXCharger series of combination storage and an added benefits to provide multiple functionalities into a single device for both a more useful tool and an overall ESG advantage by reducing waste and redundancy.

Since data storage is at the precipice of all future technology, from cloud storage to AI, PIODATA is leading the charge to bring large capacity localized data storage to the masses. We are focused on consumer and professional solutions to make data easier and more manageable, while making it faster, more reliable, and adaptable to satisfy multiple needs in a single device.

PIODATA ushered in many firsts to market in regards to the first combination storage and power solution with the iXCharger, which can charge a devices battery and work as an external storage for virtually all mobile computing platforms. The first official MFi certified flash storage device that doesn’t offer a lightning connection in the iXflash SE dual head USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C and A flash drive. The first 10Gbps portable SSD that will provide complete access and compatibility with Apple iOS devices through an incorporated Apple APP that supports iPhone iAP2. Along with other advances both offered through cooperative agreements and in development.

PIODATA is about focusing on and delivering the future of digital storage.