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OCT 05

PioData provides the highest quality recordable optical media with the best value for the consumer.

  • 2017-10-05
Vinpower will be introducing a new line of USB flash drives under the Piodata brand. This offering is in response to the many many requests we’ve received to provide flash drives due to the constant issues with defective or fake flash drives that have flooded the marketplace. When looking for flash drives, there are 3 key aspects to keep in mind:
  1. Quality – Will the drive be recognized and will it properly store the content without the fear of losing the data due to poor quality flash chips and controller
  2. Accuracy – Is the drive truly what it states that it is? Is the size of the memory or the read and write transfer speed accurate?
  3. Price – Are you really getting a good deal or will the cost of the defective drives eat up any potential savings

When it comes to quality, Vinpower personally tests every flash drive through our own proprietary flash verification hardware. These systems will ensure the quality and reliability of each flash drive, which gives the customer confidence that if they purchase 100, 1000, 10,000, … flash drives, they will work and the content will not be compromised. Vinpower would never offer a flash drive which is marked as a certain size, but in reality can only hold a much smaller volume of content. When Vinpower validates a flash drive as being a certain size, you can rest assured that the drive meets the specifications to qualify. Accuracy ensures reliability, which provides stability, which ensures that each flash drive will meet the high standard Vinpower has set for this project. Typically, when people hear quality, they think that’s synonymous with expensive. Vinpower has and continues to be a leader in matching quality and affordability. This happens two ways:

  1. Vinpower will maintain factory direct volume pricing that allows us to save on every order
  2. Even when you are able to find a less expensive version, in order to increase their profit margins, many of these low quality low cost suppliers will purchase flash drives that have a consistent error rate, and that will be there profit margin by mixing defective elements with more reliable parts and/or products. So if you constantly run into trash flash drives, those costs in terms of both time and money will become a liability and ultimately cost you more than if you just bought a quality guaranteed flash drive.

Think about if you are copying 10 ~ 15 flash drives at a time, then every run you potentially have 1 defective drive. That could both cause you to waste time and resources constantly restarting the duplication job. Additionally you have potentially at least 1 dead drive you end up throwing away due to inferior parts after every duplication run which again ramps up your actual costs vs. your perceived costs.