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AUG 20

Vinpower continues to make improvements and update the App for the iXflash Apple iPhone and iPad Lightning flash drive

  • 2018-08-20

If you’ve already purchased the iXflash Lightning flash drive for your iPhone and/or iPad, we trust you have been very happy with the functionality and ease of use. However, Vinpower is never satisfied with the status quo and we are constantly challenging ourselves to make improvements and find ways to enhance the functionality of the iXflash APP. It is for that reason that we encourage our users to check for our updates on the Apple App store every 2 weeks or so to see if there is an update and to benefit from any improvements added at that time.

The iXflash APP is what makes the iXflash the best option on the market when you’re looking for an Apple iPhone/iPad Lightning flash device. Not only is it very user friendly and intuitive, but it allows numerous other features besides just backing up photos from your phone. To get a better understanding about the abundance of features offered for the iXflash through it’s APP, view our website at, or speak with a Vinpower representative today.