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SEP 25

Vinpower’s H2+ testing on our USB flash drives guarantees them to be free of potential malware and viruses!

  • 2018-09-25

Cyber security is one of the biggest concerns for all forms of business (big and small), education, government, etc. We constantly hear about new threats of malware and computer viruses to be on the lookout from. Typically, these breeches come from an unsuspecting person opening a contaminated email that releases the malware or virus onto the networks and wreaks havoc by either disrupting access or stealing content.

Another method of contamination is through USB flash drives. There are times when a USB flash drive could become infected when infected files are transferred onto or from the drive. Or, the USB drive could have a hidden malware loaded onto the drive during production, waiting to spring on unsuspecting users who didn’t think a brand new USB flash drive could contain vicious malware before even being used.

That’s why Vinpower offers two solutions to protect against contracting these disruptive and potentially costly intrusions:

  1. When purchasing blank USB flash drives through Vinpower, our specialized H2+ testing eliminates any possibility of hidden malware or viruses, ensuring the drive is 100% clean when you first receive it. At least that way you know the blank USB drive you receive is safe from the start.
  2. Using Vinpower supplied USB flash media along with Vinpower’s standalone USB duplicators, the user can add write protection to a drive after the content is stored on it. The write protection not only prevents the content from being altered or deleted from the flash drive, but it also prevents anyone from adding any potential malware or viruses accidentally or on purpose.