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JAN 03

Vinpower’s iXflash can now directly record live video content through your iPhone/iPad without using any memory from your iPhone/iPad

  • 2019-01-03

Imagine a scenario where you want to film an event, maybe your child’s 1st recital or youth sports league, and you realize you have very little memory left on your iPhone or iPad with which to record with. You don’t want to have to frantically delete content on your iPhone/iPad to free up space, possibly deleting something you didn’t intend to or hope that someone else in the audience will record the event and share it with you. You want to be able to record exactly what you want for as long as you want.

That’s where the iXflash is your perfect accessory for your iPhone or iPad. The iXflash with its Live Recording Plus (LRP) feature allows you to record live video or take photos that are stored directly onto the iXflash’s internal memory without using any memory from the iPhone/iPad you’re filming with. No matter how little memory you have left on your iPhone/iPad, as long as there’s available memory on the iXflash then you don’t have to miss recording any important events. Since the iXflash comes in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage sizes, you should always have plenty of space to record life’s previous moments.

Not only can you record events without worrying about having enough memory, but you can also pause and resume filming so that you can maintain 1 continuous video rather than constantly starting and stopping, which causes you to have lots of smaller videos creating a headache of having to edit them together or show lots of separate videos. On top of that, you can easily switch between the front and rear cameras.

The iXflash LRP feature opens up a world of possibilities and even more that I haven’t touched on. To fully understand the full benefits of the iXflash, visit our website, .