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OCT 18

The iXflash allows user to make the drive “Read Only” to prevent losing any data

  • 2018-10-18

Imagine this scenario, you load pictures, videos, or work documents onto a flash drive that you hand to a friend, co-worker, etc. in order to copy those files. Then picture this, that person accidentally deletes those files or even worse reformats the flash drive, losing all the content stored on the drive. Maybe you have a back-up somewhere else, so you’re not too worried. Chances are, you don’t have another back-up and you just lost all the data you had stored on that drive, all because the person you loaned it to in order to make a simple copy, could have pressed the wrong buttons.

There’s a very simple solution and the iXflash is the only USB3.0 flash drive with a Lightning connection, (allowing it to connect to an iPhone or iPad), that offers it. The iXflash, when connected to the App through an iPhone or iPad can be converted in less than a second to a READ ONLY drive. What that means is that the entire drive can be protected in a manner where others can review and copy the files, but they cannot delete, alter, or affect the files in any manner. So your content is always safe and you never have to be concerned in sharing again.

Know that all your content is safe, it makes the iXflash the perfect device when you want to share pictures or videos with friends, give important business documents to coworkers or clients, or share any kids of digital content with anyone else. You can rest assured that all the content on the device will remain intact, safe and sound.