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MAY 26

Piodata was created specifically for the duplication market to fill the void left by the top Japanese ODD manufacturers

  • 2019-05-26

Piodata is an offshoot of a major optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturer catering to the duplication market. With the numbers of manufacturers for the common ODD used in optical disc duplicators decreasing, Piodata has remained. Piodata filled the gap as the key tier 1 Japanese ODD factory decided to exit the market. The Piodata DVS-S21DBK and the DVS-S21DBK PLUS are readily available and remain focused on the important global duplication market.

Advantages of Piodata:

  • 1. Maintain quality and reliability by establishing a fixed BOM design, ensuring the main ODD components will not use downgraded parts.
  • 2. Fine-tuned to maintain superior burning quality and speed, preventing Donut Ring on the recording layer for more stable payback.
  • 3. Supports 4X DVD burn speed, providing the best burning quality.
  • 4. The Piodata* drive uses enhanced components for the drive tray belt, enabling the tray to operate up to 6 times longer than a standard ODD drive tray under similar conditions.
  • 5. The Piodata* is outfitted with a top quality OPU as well as an enhanced heat sink kit. This increases the burning stability (better quality), as well as prolongs the drives sustainability and reliability.
  • 6. The Piodata* is able to continuously operate 24/7 by transferring heat faster through higher grade IC heat sink kit.

*Available on the DVR-S21DBK-PLUS model only.

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