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OCT 30

The benefits of SSD over HDD

  • 2020-10-30

When looking for a new hard drive, whether it be an external hard drive for added storage or an internal hard drive that runs your computers operating system, there are two options to choose from, a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD). Often we’re accustomed to pick the version that offers the greatest memory capacity at the lowest price. Often times that’s the traditional HDD, however SSD offers far more benefits that far outweigh the difference in cost or capacity.

A hard disk drive (HDD) is an electromechanical device with an actuator arm that positions itself over spinning disks in order to read or write information. A solid state drive (SSD) are interconnected pools of compact flash memory. So what makes one better than the other?

As an industry leader in storage and duplication equipment and peripherals, it’s a no brainer for us. We have found that SSDs have a number of advantages over HDDs that can offset the difference in sticker price. Firstly, SSDs are super quiet because they have no moving parts, unlike the HDD, which focuses around spinning platters and a moving arm to sweep across the platters to write or read data. SSD’s don’t vibrate, which improves reliability and if dropped, a hard drive might get damaged; not so with an SSD. An SSD uses less power and generates less heat, compared to a HDD. On top of improved durability and less disruption, the greatest advantage is the significantly faster read/write speed. Not only can an SSD recall data much faster than the slower HDD, but it’s more reliable and accurate as well.

However, one of the drawbacks for a common SSD, when relying on flash memory, there is a possibility of data corruption due to bad memory cells on the drive. That’s why Vinpower the most reliable SSD on the market with our line of Optiarc SSD models. In order to provide total peace of mind, Vinpower performs the highest levels of total quality testing, ensuring that our Optiarc SSD’s will not fail or crash on you! So if you care about faster speed, better quality, reliability, and maintaining the content stored on your hard drives, look no further that Vinpower’s line of Optiarc and PioData SSD.

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