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NOV 06

iCloud outage takes down backups and photos for some users, showing the need for the iXflash!

  • 2020-11-06

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, or at least it feels that way. The cloud should not be your only form of backup. So many people believe the cloud is safe and invulnerable, while time after time we hear stories where the cloud is impacted, either through an outage, hacking, a virus, or any number of potential threats. Nothing is foolproof, so don’t put all your storage and archival eggs in one basket. That’s why the iXflash is the ideal tool for any Apple iPhone and/or iPad owner. The iXflash can quickly back up all the photos and videos stored on your various iOS devices as well as those already stored in your iCloud account, as an added form of data protection.

In this case, the iCloud suffered an outage this past weekend, affecting Find My, iCloud Account & Sign In, iCloud Backup, iCloud Bookmarks & Tabs, iCloud Calendar, iCloud Contacts, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, iCloud Mail, iCloud Storage Upgrades, Photos and Screen Time. For those that were affected, issues ranged from frustration of not having access for a period of time to much larger issues. Even though the total number affected may be small in comparison to the total customer base, that doesn’t change the fact that many were impacted.

Why take chances, for less than it costs to purchase an expanded cloud storage option, you can purchase an iXflash and never have to worry about cloud outages again. In fact, more archival solutions the better. So, keep your cloud account, but use the iXflash as further protection against unforeseen catastrophes that can pop up at any time.

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