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DEC 04

Google is shutting down their free unlimited photo upload, good thing iXflash can support your photo backup needs.

  • 2020-12-04

Whether you use the service or not, Google’s announcement that they will restrict all free cloud storage to 15GB, which includes email, photos, and Google drive, is a huge blow to the industry. As the only provider of unlimited high quality photo and video cloud storage, Google created a great way to back up all of your photos and videos for literally nothing. After 5 years, they are not ending that service and restricting everyone to only 15GB’s of storage if you want to continue uploading your photos and videos to their free cloud storage. I don’t know about you, but I can exhaust that 15GB’s in no time, then where does that leave those of us that want to back up all our photos and videos, but don’t want to be chained to an expensive monthly service plan.

That’s why the iXlfash is the perfect alternative. With the iXflash, it can backup all of your photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad, while maintain the original meta data and picture formats without condensing the image size. You will be able to backup exact digital files that can be transferred to a hard drive, server, or any number of USB connected storage devices for safe keeping without any added recurring fees. Don’t give up on safely archiving your important photo memories and experiences, instead, take control and get an iXflash so you can backup and maintain your own separate “cloud” storage that remains in your possession and will not be used to target ads or be sold for marketing purposes.

Don’t be left out in the cold without a backup solution, get an iXflash and always have the power to control your own storage.

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