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MAY 14

Vinpower Digital announces the reemergence of Moser Baer with new recordable CD and DVD offerings.

  • 2021-05-14

Vinpower Digital announced the release of the new exclusive line of Moser Baer optical disc media this week. The initial offerings will focus on the Safari and Zebra lines of recordable CD’s and DVD’s in select global markets across North and South America, parts of Asia, and Europe. Last year, Vinpower acquired and took over full production of the most common slate of Moser Baer media commodities, primarily optical discs and flash media, including USB and SSD storage products. In order to accommodate the full complement of digital storage users, Moser Baer’s digital storage product lines include both high end professional grade media along with more price sensitive consumer grade items.

The initial rollout for the Safari and Zebra media will start in North America, Western Europe, U.A.E, India, Japan, Taiwan, and China. To learn more about the Moser Baer line of products, visit or contact a Vinpower representative to get more insight about the media’s benefits and specifications.

For more insight, feel free to review the press release sent out on May 11, 2021:

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