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With the iXflash Cube, you don’t need to buy a new iPhone because your current iPhone’s memory is full.

Recently, there was yet another article on how the cloud is vulnerable and that we shouldn’t rely on it solely. In the below article, it mentions how a cloud service had a major power outage in one of their US data centers that “…impacted all power supply sources, including the backup generators, which in turn caused a cascading issue and resulted in degraded performance.” Because of this incident, their customers were unable to access their content for quite some time and it’s not certain if any of the content was permanently lost.


With the iXflash Cube, you don’t need to buy a new iPhone because your current iPhone’s memory is full.

Here’s a personal antidote regarding the benefits of the iXflash Cube taken from a real life story of a relative. While visiting my aunt and uncle recently, my aunt told me that she had to buy the latest iPhone because her previous iPhone, which was only 2 years old, had ran out of storage due to all the pictures she took. She said she kept getting messages that her iCloud storage was full, even after she offloaded a number of images. Instead, she opted to buy a new iPhone with a larger capacity and transfer the content from one iPhone to the other.


Have an Offset Printer and want to be able to print on shiny silver top CD’s, OPTODISC has the solution

Offset printers have been a strong alternative to standard silkscreen printers. They allow many more options in colors, while being easier to use and cleaner than silkscreen, but the problem has always been the difficulty in printing on shiny silver CD’s. Typically, shiny silver CD’s become damaged from the offset process due to the pressure and heat created when applying the color film to the disc. Unlike DVD’s, CD’s only have 1 layer of plastic with dye on top. So when the offset printer rolls over the dye layer of the silver lacquer CD, it often causes the dye to peel off killing the CD and creating a cleaning nightmare for the offset printer operator.


Live Video from the iXflash allowed me to film my son’s entire performance

I often share stories or hypothetical scenarios that happen or could happen to others. Well here’s an exception where I share a personal experience in which the iXflash was extremely helpful to me. My 2 sons are in their middle school band and chorus respectively. Recently, the school had its first performance in more than 2 years dues to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it was a big deal for the school, the students, and especially the parents to not only have an opportunity to see our children perform in person, but to return to some semblance of normalcy. As required by the parents handbook, I planned to film the entire recital, approx. 1 hour of performances. Therein lies the problem!


For Earth Day, lets think about the planet and store more content on optical discs instead of on the Cloud

This Friday, April 22, 2022, is Earth Day and it was created to educate everyone about what we can do to protect and preserve our planet and our homes. Some of you may think I’m crazy by suggesting that optical discs are better for the environment than the Cloud. Aren’t optical discs made out of plastic and the Cloud is an invisible storage in the sky? Well, even though it’s true that optical discs are made from a small amount of plastic, it’s not true that cloud storage and large data centers are harmless to the planet. In fact, just the opposite. Data Centers, which is what runs the Cloud and businesses all over the world are one of the largest consumers of energy, which is a major culprit in emitting greenhouse gases and other factors leading to irreversible climate change. Currently, Data Centers account for 3% of the total energy used around the world just to maintain servers that hold both hot and cold data.


World Backup Day started in 2011, but the meaning is just as important today – Back-up your content!

So much of our lives revolve around digital content. Many people now keep a majority of their pictures, movies, music, games, finances, work files, and so much more stored as digital files, typically all in a single location like a computer or in cloud storage. The problem with that, is if anything ever happened to that item or cloud service where all these items are stored, then you could have your entire inventory of content wiped out in the blink of an eye. I’m not here to promote doom and gloom, and the odds may be low, but it’s incredibly easy to make a simple backup of all these files that would give you piece of mind and the security to protect your most important digital content. It could be as simple and keep 2 external hard drives that are synced frequently and kept in two completely different locations.


An estimated 1.5 trillion pictures will be taken in 2022, where will they store them all?

A recent article I read, “How Many Photos Will be Taken in 2022?”, By Susan Enfield discussed our obsession with taking pictures and the trajectory of how those pictures are taken, stored, and what it means. Everyone that has a smartphone knows that its primary function is to take pictures. At least that’s been my experience. The problem is, people take tons of pictures, with higher resolutions and therefore larger file sizes, and never take them off their smartphones. Sure, some people use some form of cloud service to back them up, but even that’s a small minority of the overall population. In reality, the images typically sit on the phone until someone either deletes them or you buy a phone with more memory and transfer the images there. Most of those people would love to have an easy hassle free method to transfer those images to keep them safe outside their phones, but aren’t aware of a method how.


With skyrocketing prices for virtually everything, watching movies at home is both economical and entertaining.

It seems like the price of everything has increased dramatically recently. I was shocked to learn that the value of my car, which is nothing special, is worth more now than what I paid for it in 2017. The problem is, the cost of gas, eating out, and entertainment has increased dramatically. The overall expense to go out is getting more and more prohibitive making those special occasions, even more reclusive. So how can you still have an entertaining evening with family and friends without breaking the bank? Why not stay home and make it a movie night? Most people already have a suitable large screen TV, why take advantage and catch up on classic movies or maybe there’s something new you’ve been meaning to watch but never had time. Personally, I am enjoying watching movies from my youth with my kids to get their perspective and see if they are still as enjoyable as I remembered them being.


The iXflash Cube is the perfect backup companion and this new video shows its key benefits

Unless you’re not reading my weekly email blasts, you are probably familiar with me touting our latest product, the iXflash Cube. Of course, hearing (or reading) me go on and on about how easy it is to use and the benefits of backing up your iPhone or iPad doesn’t carry the same weight as watching a video showing how easy it is to use and why it’s so useful. That’s why we created this quick video that you can watch from the below YouTube link:


It’s critical to protect important files on an extra hard drive to prevent accidental loss

I recently heard a story from a popular tech blogger about when an operating system update went awry and nearly deleted all the content she had stored on her computer’s internal hard drive. Microsoft implemented a standard OS update to Windows 10 20H2 and is customary. We’ve all gone through it and typically it’s nothing more than us needing to wait to use the computer while the update takes place. In this case, when the person went to turn on their computer after the update, there was nothing on their desktop and they couldn’t find any of their files. In a panic, they tried multiple tricks to recover the data, mind you this is a very tech savvy person, not the average user. Finally, they were able to eventually recover the missing data, but there was the possibility, especially for someone without the technical expertise, to have lost everything.


Check out Vinpower’s latest interview from the 2022 CES about our iXflash series of Apple iOS iPhone/iPad storage solutions

Even though the 2022 CES tradeshow was abbreviated, Vinpower had a tremendous response for our iXflash series, which includes the original iXflash and the new iXflash Cube. This year, as in 2021, we were interviewed by the tech savvy influencer, Carl McLarty of McLarty Films about the iXflash series. We discussed the true ease and benefits of the iXflash Cube as well as the new advances coming to the standard iXflash line in the near future.


Vinpower and the 2022 CES tradeshow persevered through the latest bout of the COVID outbreak

The 2022 CES tradeshow was supposed to be a return to normalcy in a way, but the omicron variant had other plans. With numerous major companies pulling out and even some who didn’t exhibiting little more than a virtual presence with no staff and a do it yourself maze of QR codes due to COVID related concerns, CES persevered and opened its doors for the 1st time in 2 years on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Vinpower was there to face the challenge and great those attendees that also took a chance and participating is the pinnacle for the electronics industry.

The End

Best to keep copies of your favorite holiday movies on optical discs, as they are not always available when you want to watch them.

One tradition we have at our house in December is to watch the animated and stop motion Claymation movies from the 70’s. Movies like A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Christmas Claymation movies from Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass, like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, “Jack Frost”, plus so many other popular holiday classics. These movies were run frequently on regular broadcast over the air TV or “Free TV” throughout the month, however recently, a number of the pay streaming services started acquiring these classics and broadcasting them exclusively for their paid content audience. For instance, Apple TV acquired A Charlie Brown Christmas and now it cannot be shown anywhere except through Apple TV. That means if you don’t subscribe to Apple TV, because it’s too expensive, not enough programming to justify the cost, or you simply have 12 other video streaming platforms you already subscribe to and can’t justify adding another, then you can’t want this animated holiday classic.


Vinpower’s Pioneer BDR-212V drive offers something for everyone

Vinpower Digital’s exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V 16x internal BD/DVD/CD Half Height Optical Disc Drive (ODD), in collaboration with Pioneer Corporation, is the perfect ODD regardless of what hardware you’re using it in. It’s been a great benefit for those whether you plan to use it as an internal computer drive, with manual tower duplicators, or our ROBOT PLUS model in autoloaders. With the BDR-212V’s added advantages, like added DVD±R enhancements, virtual elimination of disruptive “donut rings”, superior Blu-ray writing strategy, and modifications to work with robotic autoloaders, it really fulfills nearly all requirements for anyone looking for a 5 ¼” internal writer drive.


The iXflash Cube has added security measures to make sure everyone’s files are protected.

In Taiwan this past week, there’s a huge scandal where a politician and her boyfriend had a huge dispute that led to possible criminal charges and certainly joint lawsuits against each other. The reason for the utter downfall of both their relationship and their sanity was due to infidelity on both sides. The reason any of this came to light was because of a shared mobile backup device that they didn’t realize they shared and discovered intimate secrets held on their phones.


The iXflash Cube makes the perfect gift for anyone with an iPhone or iPad this year!

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you never want to lose those memories. That’s why the iXflash Cube is the perfect gift for anyone with an iPhone or iPad (iDevice). The iXflash Cube was designed to be the most efficient and convenient backup solution for an iDevice user. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply set up the iXflash Cube App 1 time, connect the iXflash Cube to your standard iPhone/iPad charging cube and cable, and then every time you plug your iDevice in to charge, you’ll automatically backup all your pictures and videos for safe keeping.


Why aren’t optical disks the top choice for archive storage?

An article came out recently, find the link below, that is completely inline with what we’ve been touting for more than 15 years. Basically, the gist is that optical discs are the safest, most cost effective, and is backwards compatible. As the article so articulately points out, “With magnetic storage media—hard drives and tape—the magnetically stored data degrades, causing bit rot, which undermines the accuracy of the data.” While it’s been proven that optical discs, “…do not change over time and therefore have a very long shelf life without worry about bit rot.” So if optical discs are proven to last longer than tape or magnetic hard drives, aren’t optical discs superior in achieving the most basic of archiving needs, to be able to store content for an extended period and then be able to accurately access that content at a later date?


The iXflash makes it easy and fast to transfer files from an iXflash onto an iPhone or iPad

Ever wanted to load a movie stored on your computer onto your iPhone or iPad, but don’t know how? Do you have music that’s not stored on iTunes or in a format Apple iOS doesn’t support that you want to load to an iPhone or iPad? Wish you could modify work related files from your iPhone or iPad that you can transfer back and forth from your computer? Do you get the trend, if you ever wanted to transfer nearly any type of content onto an iPhone or iPad and either don’t know how or found it’s not possible, then I have good news for you!


The iXflash Cube gives you peace of mind and this video explains how…

Check out the below YouTube video about the iXflash Cube and you’ll see just how easy and beneficial it is for anyone with an iPhone and/or iPad. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has got to be worth at least 10 times that. In that case, what more could I add? Check out the video and we’re sure you’ll agree, the iXflash is the Perfect Solution to Give you Peace of Mind!


The iXflash Cube provides peace of mind every time you charge your iPhone or iPad!

The reality is, smart phones and tablets are our default cameras. We always have them with us and we use it to take pictures of everything from life affirming events to the meal we’re about to eat. Now consider that more than 80% of those people never backup that content and those images reside on their smart device indefinitely. The problem is, 70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered. That means roughly 80% of those 70 million people will lose all those images forever with no recourse.


Next Week Vinpower will unveil a new product that’s been in development for a while and finally ready!

For every relationship, a little intrigue and suspense helps spice things up. So we wanted to give our friends a little advance notice that we aren’t waiting until CES to unveil our latest project, but will make the announcement to all of our followers first. This is a project we’ve been planning to introduce for a while, but had a delay due to the global pandemic. We have finally finished production and we’re just about ready to show it off. I can tell you that the new item will remain in our wheelhouse of storage related products, the rest you’ll have to wait and see next week.


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) sent out an announcement that all attendees to CES 2022 have to show proof of vaccination for in person entry.

Vinpower will resume exhibiting at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas in January of 2022. After a year layoff and virtual exhibition, CES will resume in person exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center. However, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), that puts on and runs the CES tradeshow has recently put out a press release stating, “(CTA) will require in-person attendees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.” “CTA is also assessing the acceptance of proof of a positive antibody test as an alternative requirement …”


Samsung shutting down their cloud service, once again showing how important it is to have a physical backup of your digital content

I feel like a broken record, but the message is not any less important. The cloud is a useful and easy method to store your digital content, but it shouldn’t be your only method! Samsung announced last year that they are shutting down their cloud storage service and deleting any content that is not removed by November 30, 2021. That means if you inadvertently forgot to transfer the content you had stored on the Samsung cloud and didn’t have another backup solution, you could permanently lose all the content stored on their cloud.


The Pandemic has showed how important little moments in life are, Vinpower offers the products that allow you to keep, share, and build more memories

Prior to 2020, if you were like me, you didn’t realize how much you took for granted. Just being able to gather with friends anywhere anytime was something I never imagined would become restricted or complicated. So when things began to open up and we could venture out and participate in mundane activities, like going to a sporting event, taking the family to an amusement park, taking a vacation, or just eating at a local restaurant, I recognized how important those things were to our everyday health and mental wellbeing.


Vinpower carries multiple lines of exclusive highly rated professional grade optical disc drives for the duplication market!

During the pandemic and the mandated stay at home orders implemented around the globe, the duplication market had decreased due to lack of content and methods of distribution. As the spread of the virus decreased significantly in most countries and people began to carry on more normalized lives, the duplication market also saw a sizeable uptick in production and demand. With increased business, the need to maintain equipment and secure replacement drives also became a factor and Vinpower is proud to offer a line of exclusive professional grade optical disc drives that were developed specifically for the high volume duplication market.


As air travel numbers are steadily increasing back towards pre-pandemic numbers, the iXflash is the perfect travel companion.

Summer season is typically travel season as vacationers near and far pack up their gear and take to the skies. After the pandemic all but grounded most people for an entire year, as infection rates are rapidly decreasing, people are flocking to airports to fly the friendly skies again. The TSA Checkpoint for US traveler flight throughput shows American airports are seeing numbers quickly approaching the 2019 pre-pandemic volume*.


Using an iXflash to film video through your iPhone/iPad means you can directly upload the video to a video editing software without the extra steps.

Video content is everywhere and we’re all creating it through our phones and tablets. Whether you’re creating video content for social media, online retail listings, entertainment, home videos, etc., if you’re creating the content to post, then frequently that content has to be transferred to a 3rd party video editing software to create the final cut. To do so, more often than not, means the user has to then find a way to download the raw video footage onto the device with the video editing software and that could be a full production in itself! Why go through the hassle when the iXflash makes it so easy?


Don’t limit yourself, the iXflash extends the memory on an iPhone / iPad for longer videos and more pictures.

Most of us have experienced the dreaded storage full warning, letting us know we don’t have enough memory on our iPhone or iPad to take any more photos or videos. No matter what size device you get, there’s no way to add any additional storage. So you either give up on taking the photo or video, or you frantically try to delete and unload stored pictures, videos, and Apps to free up space. With the iXflash, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


Vinpower offers special media packaging for hassle free shipment for online orders

Even though brick and mortar retail locations are again fully open to the public, many consumers are still more comfortable ordering products online. The problem with online orders for items with more fragile packaging, like individual spindles of optical discs, is making the decision between cheaper packaging that could cause the product to break and therefore incur returns, or the added cost of safer packaging, possibly increasing your costs too high for the market. It’s a very delicate balance between ensuring the safety of your product during shipping and managing your costs to make your product price competitive.


The iXflash expands your musical choices, when some artists choose not to stream…

Music is a big part of many people’s lives. Music is the soundtrack to our lives and certain songs and albums bring you back to special events in our lives or helps you through difficult times like heartbreak and the passing of a loved one. So it makes sense that streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. are so popular. The idea that you can listen to an endless stream of music for free or for a set monthly fee, what a concept. But there’s one problem, what if the artist or album you want to listen to isn’t available on that streaming service or any streaming service for that matter?


Vinpower Digital announces the reemergence of Moser Baer with new recordable CD and DVD offerings.

Vinpower Digital announced the release of the new exclusive line of Moser Baer optical disc media this week. The initial offerings will focus on the Safari and Zebra lines of recordable CD’s and DVD’s in select global markets across North and South America, parts of Asia, and Europe. Last year, Vinpower acquired and took over full production of the most common slate of Moser Baer media commodities, primarily optical discs and flash media, including USB and SSD storage products. In order to accommodate the full complement of digital storage users, Moser Baer’s digital storage product lines include both high end professional grade media along with more price sensitive consumer grade items.


Plexdisc line of Digital Audio CD-R now available for greater music recording

There are still a large number of people that enjoy creating their own music compilations or creating backups to their music library onto CD’s. For those people, the Plexdisc line of Digital Audio CD-R disc provides the best quality and compatibility for audio/music content recorded on optical discs. As mentioned in previous email blasts, Digital Audio CD-R’s have a unique quality that make them more reliable and offers greater compatibility, especially with standalone recorders, than standard recordable CD’s. Because of this, Vinpower recognized the lack of recordable Digital Audio CD’s in the market and believed it was important to the market to ensure there are high quality reliable recordable Digital Audio CD’s available for those that recognize the importance and value.


Digital Audio CD-R are better for recording Music/Audio compared to standard CD-R

What is Digital Audio CD-R and why should I care? For most people, at this stage in the recordable CD evolution, there’s only one type of CD-R and you can record anything on to it. For the most part, that’s correct, you can use a computer drive to record data, music, video, etc. onto any standard CD-R media. There may be varying degrees of quality between brands, but a CD is a CD.


Using an iXflash is easier and cheaper than transferring content stored on the cloud

Recently Verizon introduced a new Verizon cloud service for Verizon Wireless and Verizon Fios subscribers, with unlimited storage for $19.99 a month. As we take and store more and more pictures and videos with our cell phones, that may sound like a good deal so that you don’t have to worry about running out of storage. Of course, there are plenty of other cloud storage services available for varying amounts of data quotas provided by companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and many many others. But there lies the problem, once you start using one of these services, you tend to get trapped into continuing to use them and paying a perpetual monthly fee. With iXflash, you can control where you store all the hundreds or maybe thousands of pictures and videos you’ve taken and you won’t have continuous reoccurring fees.


March 31st is World Backup Day, to make sure you have the right archival media and hardware, Vinpower has your solution.

The importance of backing up your data onto a 2nd and even a 3rd source is so important that there’s a day dedicated to it every year. March 31st is known as World Backup Day, just to bring awareness and encourage everyone to back up their digital content. Vinpower has been an advocate of multiple backups from our inception, not just because it’s part of our business structure, but because we’ve been a victim of data loss and if we hadn’t had adequate backups, we would have been in deep…let’s say we would have had big problems.


You can take extended video and perform on the fly editing with the iXflash.

Last week, I shared an interview that took place during CES 2021 related to our upcoming iXflash Cube with Carl McLarty or McLarty Films. While conducting that interview, we also discussed the values of the original iXflash and how useful it can be for the everyday user, especially someone that likes to take a lot of videos. The interviewer, Carl was quite impressed and recounted a time when he lost all the videos he had on his iPhone while traveling abroad. Because he didn’t have internet access and therefore no access to the cloud, he couldn’t upload his videos to his cloud storage at that time. Later, while at the beach, his iPhone became waterlogged and he lost all the content, including all the photos and videos he took. He mentioned, if he had the iXflash, he could have backed up his content beforehand and wouldn’t have lost everything.


Vinpower’s C.E.O. Calvin Chang interviewed during CES 2021 for our upcoming iXflash Cube product

Even though the 2021 CES was all virtual, Vinpower was fortunate to still be able to catch the attention of a number of interested parties as well as press. In one such interview, Vinpower’s C.E.O. Calvin Chang was interviewed by Carl McLarty of McLarty Films regarding an upcoming product we promoted at CES, the iXflash Cube.


Vinpower is proud to celebrate 20 years in business and looks forward to the next 20 and beyond!

From humble beginnings and pure grit and determination, Vinpower rose from their garage roots to become a celebrated corporation with production and sales offices around the world. Given that most small businesses fail in their 1st year, to make it to 20 years and still going strong is a huge accomplishment that we are happy to celebrate.


The iXflash product review from the Taiwanese influencer 3C Tim is now available with subtitles in multiple difference languages.

When I first emailed everyone about the product review from the renowned Taiwanese influencer, 3C Tim, I have to provide a summary recap for those that don’t speak Mandarin Chinese, because there were no subtitles available. Ultimately, that limited the full scope of the audience we could reach. We’ve rectified that somewhat by adding translated subtitles for a number of different languages, such as English, German, Spanish and Japanese.

The End

Google is shutting down their free unlimited photo upload, good thing iXflash can support your photo backup needs.

Whether you use the service or not, Google’s announcement that they will restrict all free cloud storage to 15GB, which includes email, photos, and Google drive, is a huge blow to the industry. As the only provider of unlimited high quality photo and video cloud storage, Google created a great way to back up all of your photos and videos for literally nothing. After 5 years, they are not ending that service and restricting everyone to only 15GB’s of storage if you want to continue uploading your photos and videos to their free cloud storage. I don’t know about you, but I can exhaust that 15GB’s in no time, then where does that leave those of us that want to back up all our photos and videos, but don’t want to be chained to an expensive monthly service plan.


iCloud outage takes down backups and photos for some users, showing the need for the iXflash!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, or at least it feels that way. The cloud should not be your only form of backup. So many people believe the cloud is safe and invulnerable, while time after time we hear stories where the cloud is impacted, either through an outage, hacking, a virus, or any number of potential threats. Nothing is foolproof, so don’t put all your storage and archival eggs in one basket. That’s why the iXflash is the ideal tool for any Apple iPhone and/or iPad owner. The iXflash can quickly back up all the photos and videos stored on your various iOS devices as well as those already stored in your iCloud account, as an added form of data protection.


The benefits of SSD over HDD

When looking for a new hard drive, whether it be an external hard drive for added storage or an internal hard drive that runs your computers operating system, there are two options to choose from, a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD). Often we’re accustomed to pick the version that offers the greatest memory capacity at the lowest price. Often times that’s the traditional HDD, however SSD offers far more benefits that far outweigh the difference in cost or capacity.


After a tremendous response from Taiwanese influencer 3C Tim’s Chinese language review of the iXflash, we’ve now added English subtitles.

A little over a month ago, I shared a glowing review of our iXflash drive as an ideal accessory for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Because the video review was entirely in Chinese, many of our recipients were disappointed that they couldn’t understand what 3C Tim was saying about the iXflash. Because of your feedback, we coordinated with 3C Tim and had the entire spoken text translated into English and posted onto the video review as shown on YouTube, which you can view again or for the first time by clicking on the below link:


The iXflash is compatible with the full new series of iPhone 12 mobile devices

As is customary every year, though a little later than usual, Apple touts their latest batch of iPhones along with other new inventive items they plan to offer to the general public. Due to disruptions because of COVID, the announcement was about a month later than normal, but the pomp and circumstances were still in full affect. Amongst other new or improved items Apple plans to release now or in the near future, the pièce de résistance was certainly not just 1 or even 2 new iPhone offerings, but a total of 4 new iPhone 12 versions. The main difference between the devices is the size of each iPhone, which of course all of them offer advantages to previously released models.


The iXflash can be extremely useful in an emergency

There are occasions when emergencies can arise and you have limited resources at your disposal. The iXflash can be a valuable tool for not only documenting important information, but also allowing you to pass that information along when there is no power or internet access available.


Popular Taiwan influencer, 3C Tim, reviewed the iXflash drive and Loved It!

Word is quickly spreading about the benefits of the PioData iXflash iPhone / iPad flash drive. Because the iXflash is available globally, we are getting a lot of positive feedback from customers around the world. Just recently, a popular influencer, named 3C Tim, decided to review the product on his YouTube channel and gave it an overwhelmingly positive endorsement. As you can see from the below link, 3C Tim found the many features not only beneficial, but also easy to use.


Don’t limit yourself, the iXflash extends the memory on an iPhone / iPad for longer videos and more pictures.

Most of us have experienced the dreaded storage full warning, letting us know we don’t have enough memory on our iPhone or iPad to take any more photos or videos. No matter what size device you get, there’s no way to add any additional storage. So you either give up on taking the photo or video, or you frantically try to delete and unload stored pictures, videos, and Apps to free up space. With the iXflash, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


iXflash can store and play Hi-Res Lossless audio files like flac for the ultimate music listening experience

High fidelity and lossless audio quality is becoming more popular with those that truly enjoy music or other forms of audio content. You don’t have to be an audiophile to truly appreciate the value of high quality audio. The problem is, the uncompressed lossless audio files are very large files and take up a lot of capacity on our players, which today are most typically your phone. Of course CD’s have near perfect sound quality, but it’s not always convenient to listed to CD’s. So what do you do when you want the digital quality of a CD but don’t want to lug around your entire CD collection and you don’t have the storage capacity on your phone for the full sound of lossless audio files? The solution is easy, store those files on an iXflash drive!


With the iXflash, you can transfer files between your iPhone / iPad and a computer for easy access and safe keeping 2020

Last week I shared how one could easily back-up all the pictures and videos from their iPhone or iPad onto the iXflash. But once you’ve done that, what do you do with all the saved images? It would make no sense just to back-up all your photos and videos if you couldn’t offload them onto a more secure and permanent storage location.


Don’t take any chances, back-up the photos and videos on your iPhone

Millions of people around the world have taken tons of pictures and videos with their iPhone’s or iPad’s that they never back-up from their device. I don’t need to say how risky it is not to back up those images from a mobile device that could be easily lost or stolen with no recourse. In fact, it’s been documented that approx. 70 million people lose their cell phones every year. The main reason behind no backing up photos and videos is that it’s too complicated or they don’t want to pay the fees for cloud storage.


During turbulent times like these, the IT world is focused on security and archival storage/backup, Vinpower has a solution.

The importance of backing up your data onto a 2nd and even a 3rd source is so important, there’s a day every year dedicated to it. March 31st is known as world backup day, just to bring awareness and encourage everyone to backup their digital content. Vinpower has been an advocate of multiple backups from our inception, not just because it’s part of our business structure, but because we’ve been a victim of data loss and if we hadn’t had adequate backups, we would have been in deep…let’s say we would have had big problems.


During these unprecedented times of Social Distancing, the iXflash allows you to work virtually anywhere

As most of the world is focusing on staying safe and adjusting to isolating themselves and their families, businesses are trying to find ways for their employees to work remotely in order to help stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an unprecedented time, we are all looking for ways to remain vigilant, yet safe. However, for many professionals, especially from small businesses, closing up operations for weeks or months could mean there will be no business to return to. That’s why Vinpower is focused on helping those businesses and professionals by providing tools that will allow their workers to continue to function and remain productive, even when working remotely outside the office.


In times of isolation, it’s easy to share content on optical discs to escape reality or bring everyone together.

In difficult times, CD’s and DVD’s/Blu-ray help take the edge off and transport people to happier places and times. It brings people together, even when they can’t physically be together. They give you an escape, even when there’s nowhere to go. Optical discs are the best method to store your movies and music, be it CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-ray. Optical discs are more reliable than flash, longer shelf life than a hard drive and easy for anyone to play, just insert the disc in a player and most often it starts automatically. No searching for files, accidentally deleting them, or negotiating whether you should delete other files to make room for whatever new item you want to store.


Store large capacity hi-fidelity audio files on the iXflash instead of taking up space on your iPhone

Just like I discussed in the previous week’s email blast, high fidelity and lossless audio quality is becoming more popular with those that truly enjoy music or other forms of audio content. You don’t have to be an audiophile to truly appreciate the value of high quality audio. The problem is, the uncompressed lossless audio files are very large files and take up a lot of capacity on our players, which today are most typically your phone. Of course CD’s have near perfect sound quality, but it’s not always convenient to listed to CD’s. So what do you do when you want the digital quality of a CD but don’t want to lug around your entire CD collection and you don’t have the storage capacity on your phone for full sound of lossless audio files? The solution is easy, store those files on an iXflash drive!


Vinpower’s Ryan Swerdloff was interviewed by the world renowned Dave Graveline "As Featured on ... Into Tomorrow" at the 2020 CES exhibition

Continuing the press coverage of Vinpower during the 2020 CES tradeshow, we were fortunate to be interviewed by the host of the international radio broadcast and Tech Newsletter, “Into Tomorrow” with Dave Graveline. We discussed the various products Vinpower offers, focusing on our mobile phone flash drive and App, iXflash and introduced the upcoming iXflash Cube.


During the 2020 CES exhibition, Vinpower was featured in the popular Taiwan electronics publication, PCDIY!

During the 2020 CES exhibition, Vinpower was featured in the popular Taiwan electronics publication, PCDIY!

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PioData iXflash Flash Drive

PioData is no stranger to the data storage industry. Established in 2002, the company got its start as a distributor of optical drives and recordable media. PioData expanded its product lineup to include duplicators, LCD monitors and digital cameras before becoming a casualty of the highly competitive optical storage market. PioData's story does not end there though. A few years ago, Vinpower Digital re-launched the brand to fill a void left by a top Japanese manufacturer when it decided to exit the optical disc drive market. In addition to optical drives and blank media, PioData currently offers a growing number of flash based storage solutions.


The iXflash allows users to watch their movies anywhere, anytime, without compromise!

Taking a trip and need something to watch during your travels? The iXflash is the perfect travel companion! You can load it up with tons of HD, even 4KUHD, movies that you can watch through your iPhone or iPad anytime, anywhere, with no lag or distortion. The best part, you don’t even need wi-fi. During these times when airlines want you to pay for their “entertainment”, you can pull out your iXflash and watch what you want when you want!


iXflash with write protection saves your content from accidental loss and viruses.

Picture this, you backup all your pictures from your iPhone / iPad onto your iXflash. In an effort to free up space on your iPhone / iPad, you delete those images off those devices after saving them to the iXflash. Afterwards, you let someone borrow the iXflash to copy some of your images that you wanted to share. Unfortunately, they accidentally deleted all the files from the iXflash during the process, losing irreplaceable images that you hadn’t had a chance to back up onto another source yet. That could be crushing! Or worse yet, they plug the iXflash into their computer, which unbeknownst to everyone is infected with a virus or malware. They accidentally upload that virus or malware onto the iXflash, which in-turn infects your computer when you plus the iXflash into it. Next thing you know, your computer is infected just because you wanted to share some files with a friend. There’s an easy way to prevent both of these worst case scenarios from happening.


The iXflash protects your most precious memories through its simple and quick back-up feature.

We all know someone that has thousands of pictures and videos stored on their phone, it may even be you. In most cases, the pictures and videos are not protected and they take a great risk that they never lose or break their phones and lose those precious memories forever. Some add insurance by paying a monthly fee to store their personal image files on a cloud service. That works if you don’t mind throwing money out the window every month or don’t mind risking your privacy if that cloud service should be hacked and your images and videos could be compromised.


iXflash part of “Into Tomorrow” Summer prize collection

The 128GB iXflash Apple iPhone flash drive was chosen to be included in the popular radio and podcast technology talk show, Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline.

The iXflash allows you to record, edit, and post to social media in one action without worrying about running out of memory on your iPhone or iPad!

When filming on your iPhone and iPad, don’t be limited by your dwindling memory. Vinpower’s iXflash, utilizing the Piodata iXflash App, will allow you to use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to take video without worrying about running out of memory on your phone. The reason why is that the iXflash doesn’t use your iPhone or iPad to store any of the content, not even as a buffer, so as long as you have space on your iXflash, then you have plenty of time to record in hi-def, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to pay for expensive cloud storage or frantically try to delete older pictures and videos or other apps to make space. Just plug in the iXflash, open the App and use the camera feature to film and never miss a moment.


The All in ONE Drive for your iPhone

With the iXflash drive and App, you can perform a wide array of features through your iPhone or iPad that make’s life easier and better!


Piodata was created specifically for the duplication market to fill the void left by the top Japanese ODD manufacturers

Piodata is an offshoot of a major optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturer catering to the duplication market. With the numbers of manufacturers for the common ODD used in optical disc duplicators decreasing, Piodata has remained. Piodata filled the gap as the key tier 1 Japanese ODD factory decided to exit the market. The Piodata DVS-S21DBK and the DVS-S21DBK PLUS are readily available and remain focused on the important global duplication market.


The iXflash App offers free benefits for everyday use, even without the iXflash drive

Our phones, which is almost a misnomer these days as we tend to use our cell phones more as micro Laptops and less for talking to other people. As the smartphones become more and more powerful with greater operational capabilities, they have become an indispensable part of our lives for business and entertainment. For example, virtually everyone that owns a smartphone, utilizes the ability to send and receive emails and instant/direct messages (IM / DM). Often these messages contain attachments, including compressed files, such as the most common compressed file extensions being .ZIP, .SITX, .7Z, .RAR, and .GZ.


Vinpower’s method of adding write protection to its USB drives prevents Viruses or Malware from spreading

It’s a common occurrence nowadays when someone has contracted a virus on their computer or it was infected by malware, perhaps you’ve even personally been affected. These infestations can range from the mundane to totally catastrophic. Most often these harmful programs infect our computers through phishing emails or clicking on the wrong websites. People can often protect themselves by being aware and diligent as to what links they click on or through antivirus software. Though there is another threat that many people don’t pay close attention to, the potential risk of sharing USB flash drives. If someone using a USB flash drive has viruses or malware on their computer, they can inadvertently transfer those pests from their computer to that USB flash drive. Those viruses will lay dormant where they will wait to pounce on an unsuspecting victim who also plugs what they think to be an innocuous USB flash drive into their computer. Similar to sharing a hat with a person who has head lice, as the lice crawls from the hat of the afflicted person onto the unsuspecting victim who puts the hat on, the computer viruses will transfer onto the unsuspecting computer, infecting it and any other computers that USB drive is plugged in and opened.


The iXflash supports the FLAC audio format through its iPhone / iPad APP, even though Apple and iTunes do not

If you are an audiophile that only wants to listen to the best audio quality digital music files, then you are probably already familiar with the FLAC format. If you are not familiar, here’s a short explanation. According to the official website, “FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio,…”


Vinpower’s iXflash can now directly record live video content through your iPhone/iPad without using any memory from your iPhone/iPad

Imagine a scenario where you want to film an event, maybe your child’s 1st recital or youth sports league, and you realize you have very little memory left on your iPhone or iPad with which to record with. You don’t want to have to frantically delete content on your iPhone/iPad to free up space, possibly deleting something you didn’t intend to or hope that someone else in the audience will record the event and share it with you. You want to be able to record exactly what you want for as long as you want.

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Vinpower is now offering our single DVD or BD external USB3.0 PC connected drive with copy protection and burning encryption software.

Vinpower has offered DVD and Blu-ray video content copy protections for a number of years now through our range of manual towers and autoloaders. For the 1st time, we are offering a one off single source external DVD or BD/DVD writer drive connected to a computer by USB3.0 with the ability to perform the same DVD or Blu-ray copy protection. You no longer have to purchase a full tower when you just need a single drive to make a few copies or to add copy protection to a few burned discs.


The iXflash allows user to make the drive “Read Only” to prevent losing any data

Imagine this scenario, you load pictures, videos, or work documents onto a flash drive that you hand to a friend, co-worker, etc. in order to copy those files. Then picture this, that person accidentally deletes those files or even worse reformats the flash drive, losing all the content stored on the drive. Maybe you have a back-up somewhere else, so you’re not too worried. Chances are, you don’t have another back-up and you just lost all the data you had stored on that drive, all because the person you loaned it to in order to make a simple copy, could have pressed the wrong buttons.


Vinpower’s H2+ testing on our USB flash drives guarantees them to be free of potential malware and viruses!

Cyber security is one of the biggest concerns for all forms of business (big and small), education, government, etc. We constantly hear about new threats of malware and computer viruses to be on the lookout from. Typically, these breeches come from an unsuspecting person opening a contaminated email that releases the malware or virus onto the networks and wreaks havoc by either disrupting access or stealing content.


Vinpower’s line of USB flash provides the best performance and results at very aggressive pricing

USB flash media are gaining in popularity and usage amongst all those looking for faster and more reliable methods to save and share digital content. The problem is that as demand increases, the stability and reliability of the supply decreases. This imbalance is creating opportunity for those to take advantage by passing off defective, mislabeled, and low-grade USB to a marketplace looking for cheaper solutions. That’s why the Piodata line of USB flash offers the security and quality you should expect at a price that is in line with today’s standard pricing.


Vinpower continues to make improvements and update the App for the iXflash Apple iPhone and iPad Lightning flash drive

If you’ve already purchased the iXflash Lightning flash drive for your iPhone and/or iPad, we trust you have been very happy with the functionality and ease of use. However, Vinpower is never satisfied with the status quo and we are constantly challenging ourselves to make improvements and find ways to enhance the functionality of the iXflash APP. It is for that reason that we encourage our users to check for our updates on the Apple App store every 2 weeks or so to see if there is an update and to benefit from any improvements added at that time.


The iXflash can double as your traveling media library, storing tons of music, movies, work files and more for instant access anywhere.

Even though the storage capacity for iPhones and iPads are increasing, because of 4K UHD resolution, the size of the photos, videos, movies, etc. that you store on your phone are also increasing significantly. So, no matter what size iPhone or iPad you get, it’s easy to run out of space quickly.


The iXflash, which allows you to back up and add storage capacity for your Apple iPhone and iPad, is now available!

Have you ever gotten a gift for someone and you knew it is something they would love and could really use? Do you remember how difficult it was to hold onto it and wait to give it to them on the actual date the present was intended for? That’s how I’ve felt the last year or so as we’ve perfected our latest offering with the iXflash, Apple Lighting Flash drive. We completely redesigned and improved upon both the actual drive and the App used with the drive to make it the most ideal companion for anyone that has an Apple iPhone or iPad, regardless of the storage capacity.

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Piodata’s line of Pro Duplicator Optical Disc Drives (ODD) are readily available Globally!

Now that fewer personal computers come standard with optical disc drives (ODD), there are fewer and fewer manufacturers producing them. The ODD manufacturers that remain are putting less resources into maintaining the drives and are actively trying to cost down on the components used to build those drives. These factors inevitably lead to lower quality drives with a shorter life span. That’s why Vinpower has worked diligently over the years to provide our own lines of professional series Half Height Optical Disc Drives, featuring the Plextor, Optiarc, and Piodata series. Each of these drives were developed to have greater compatibility, reliability, and longevity, compared to the standard off the shelf ODD''''''''s currently on the market. These drives are perfect for building your own duplicators, replacing drives on older systems, such as manual towers, autoloaders, and publishing systems, regardless of the manufacturer, and for use with computers and high scale servers.


PioData provides the highest quality recordable optical media with the best value for the consumer.

When it comes to quality, Vinpower personally tests every flash drive through our own proprietary flash verification hardware. These systems will ensure the quality and reliability of each flash drive, which gives the customer confidence that if they purchase 100, 1000, 10,000, … flash drives, they will work and the content will not be compromised. Vinpower would never offer a flash drive which is marked as a certain size, but in reality can only hold a much smaller volume of content. When Vinpower validates a flash drive as being a certain size, you can rest assured that the drive meets the specifications to qualify. Accuracy ensures reliability, which provides stability, which ensures that each flash drive will meet the high standard Vinpower has set for this project. Typically, when people hear quality, they think that’s synonymous with expensive. Vinpower has and continues to be a leader in matching quality and affordability. This happens two ways:


Piodata was created specifically for the duplication market to fill the void left by the top Japanese ODD manufacturers

faster through higher grade IC heat sink kit. *Available on the DVR-S21DBK-PLUS model only.

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