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NOV 12

Why aren’t optical disks the top choice for archive storage?

  • 2021-11-12

An article came out recently, find the link below, that is completely inline with what we’ve been touting for more than 15 years. Basically, the gist is that optical discs are the safest, most cost effective, and is backwards compatible. As the article so articulately points out, “With magnetic storage media—hard drives and tape—the magnetically stored data degrades, causing bit rot, which undermines the accuracy of the data.” While it’s been proven that optical discs, “…do not change over time and therefore have a very long shelf life without worry about bit rot.” So if optical discs are proven to last longer than tape or magnetic hard drives, aren’t optical discs superior in achieving the most basic of archiving needs, to be able to store content for an extended period and then be able to accurately access that content at a later date?

In addition to the lifespan of a product, there’s also the intrinsic responsibility that the storage method is future proof and compatible with future players. That’s another advantage to optical discs as all future players are backwards compatible with previous generations. The latest optical disc player today can still play any format of optical disc from the past and that will continue to be the case, even as improvements in storage capacity increases. “In contrast, LTO-8 tape drives cannot read LTO-5 tape although they can read LTO-6 tapes” and previous IDE connected Hard Drives cannot work with newer computers that have SATA connections. Add to the fact that optical discs are also the most secure storage medium as write-once optical discs are impossible to modify, corrupt, or delete the content because they are write once, where as tape and hard drives are expressly developed to be rewritten multiple times.

As I understand it, the key to archiving something is that it will be available and accessible long into the future. Optical discs are the only current digital storage medium that can lay claim to that statement for both the greatest longevity, reliability, and protection from hackers. If you have content that you really care about archiving, optical discs really are your best bet!

Please read the below article that I quoted multiple elements from in this email blast:

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