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JUN 01

Vinpower To Show iXcharger Charging Cube And Backup Storage At Computex

  • 2023-06-01

Vinpower, Inc., through a strategic alliance with Phihong Technology and Silanna Semiconductor, has developed the first universal charging cube, which offers the ability to charge the battery and provide extended memory for virtually all mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, called the iXCharger. The patented iXCharger is a compact 65W up to 1TB storage power charger, using a specialized third-generation semiconductor GaN technology and ACF controller to provide higher power density and ensure fast heat dissipation in a smaller package, to enable fast, secure, and more efficient charging for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. However, the iXCharger offers more than superior charging capabilities, it also utilizes an added large-capacity storage component that creates a 2-in-1 solution for both charging and storage. Those that use Apple iOS devices, the iXCharger has a free APP that provides automatic photo, video, and contact backup for iPhones and iPads each time they are plugged into the iXCharger. Instead of having to use both an external hard drive and extra power adapter, the iXCharger creates a single entity that works across a broader set of platforms and devices than current technology offers.


“All of us are have become more dependent on our mobile devices for everything from business to entertainment. Therefore, we often have content spread across multiple devices without an easy way to consolidate or maintain it,” proclaims Calvin Chang, C.E.O. of Vinpower, Inc. “The iXCharger eliminates that problem by creating a single source that can function as a charger and external storage for nearly all portable electronics, ranging from Apple iOS to Android, as well as MAC and PC laptops.”


In 2022, the European Union formally approved a law requiring all mobile phone manufactures to make USB-C the universal charging connection by the end of 2024 and for all laptops by 2026. A major reason for this ruling was to reduce the rampant e-waste stockpile of charging devices due to consumers switching devices and not being able to use their previous charger because it wasn’t compatible. Even Apple, the largest manufacture not currently using the USB-C connection, will make the global transition for it’s latest iPhone offering this year.


The iXCharger is compliant with the new EU USB-C mandate, offering an environmentally sustainable ESG product. The iXCharger further reduces unnecessary waste by reducing the burden of redundancy to a single compact device that can act as both an energy efficient power charger and a large capacity backup storage solution for a wide range of mobile devices and laptop computers, including Apple iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows laptops, ChromeOS, and many other similar devices. This makes the iXCharger the ideal replacement for portable device manufactures planning to eliminate power chargers with their new offerings.


“The iXCharger creates a significant value add for portable device manufacturers, enabling them to promote the beneficial features of providing power and added storage in one universally compatible power cube. Plus, the consumer feels they are getting a better value for the money and creates a greater appreciation for the brand,” exclaims Kevin Lin, the Vice President of Intelligent Power Solution BU and Manufacturing Center of Phihong Technology.


Contact Vinpower for more details in regards to the benefits and capabilities of the iXCharger and their other mobile storage offerings.