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JUN 01

APEC 2023 Overview: Technology and Challenges

  • 2023-06-01

Silanna Semiconductor showcased the latest expansion of the company's CO2 Smart Power product portfolio, including AC/DC products like the SZ1131 fully integrated high-efficiency ACF controller, high-frequency DC/DC buck converters, power SiP and the innovative AnyPort architecture, which simplifies the development of multi-port products.

Afterward, a universal charging cube, the iXcharger, was demonstrated by Vinpower and Silanna Semiconductor. It has the capacity to simultaneously charge and operate as expanded memory for all mobile cellphones, tablets and laptop computers, as well as fully back up all iPhone/iPad images and movies. We frequently have material distributed across several devices without an easy means to combine or preserve it, as we have all grown increasingly dependent on our mobile devices for everything from work to leisure. Each gadget simultaneously needs its own special charging connector, resulting in a maze of wires and an abundance of accessories to take along. A single device that can serve as both an energy-efficient power charger and a big- capacity backup storage solution for a variety of mobile devices and laptop computers, the iXcharger supports the USB Type-C connection and is an ecologically sustainable ESG product.