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OCT 13

The iXflash Lightning to USB-C works with the latest iPhone 15 with a USB-C connection to record video directly to the iXflash

  • 2023-10-13

For years, Apple has pushed iPhone and iPad users to backup and store their photos and videos in their proprietary iCloud. For the first time ever, they are touting the ability of the latest iPhone 15 Pro and ProMax to allow for physical external storage. This is a big departure for Apple, recognizing the importance of being able to increase video capabilities by being able to directly record to an external storage device to both increase storage capacity and expedite editing capabilities by directly taking the filmed content to a separate computer or editing bay.

Vinpower has been touting this feature for years with our iXflash line and I’m proud to say that our iXflash with a dual Lighting and USB-C connections will continue to offer this capability. Not only do you have the ability to continuously record long form videos in ultra hi-res 4K quality, but with the USB-C and Lightning connections, you can view and store that content across virtually any computer, mobile phone, tablet, and even older iPhones with the Lightning connections.

As Apple evolves in their recognition of the importance of physical external storage, Vinpower too will stay ahead of the curve in providing market leading storage products that will work with the widest number of portable electronic products and offer the most advanced features.

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