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Blu-ray Blank Media / BD-R DL / Logo Top

PioData 6x 25GB Logo Top BD-R Double Layer 25 Packs Disc

MPN: 845-813
As the need for greater storage capacity grows, PioData's 50GB DL Blu-ray media provides the perfect media to record it. Whether you need to record hi-def video content or back up important content from your computer's hard drive, the PioData 6x 50GB DL BD-R Media is the perfect solution. Vinpower joined with drive manufacturers to offer a professional quality 50GB BD-R DL duplication grade media. These discs provide the greatest compatibility amongst writer drives and players, especially the PioData Blu-ray recorder drives. That means the 50GB BD-R DL is far less likely to fail during the duplication process. That is true regardless of the recording drive used, which will give it a much greater rate of playback, regardless of the type and age of the player. Additionally, because of the media's hard coat surface and stable recording layer, the content is sure to be safe and secure for many years to come.

Mfg Part No 845-813
UPC Code 842378009229
Type BD-R Double Layer
Capacity 50GB
Max Speed 6x
Top Surface Logo Top
Pieces per Pack 25