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USB flash media are gaining in popularity and usage amongst all those looking for faster and more reliable methods to save and share digital content.
Vinpower continues to make improvements and update the App for the iXflash Apple iPhone and iPad Lightning flash drive
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The iXflash can double as your traveling media library, storing tons of music, movies, work files and more for instant access anywhere.
Even though the storage capacity for iPhones and iPads are increasing, because of 4K UHD resolution, the size of the photos, videos, movies, etc. that you store on your phone are also increasing significantly.
The iXflash, which allows you to back up and add storage capacity for your Apple iPhone and iPad, is now available!
The iXflash provides extended memory for iPhones, iPads, and iPods with a Lightning connection.
Piodata’s line of Pro Duplicator Optical Disc Drives (ODD) are readily available Globally!
Now that fewer personal computers come standard with optical disc drives (ODD), there are fewer and fewer manufacturers producing them.